Professionalism, passion and determination have pushed us since 1969 to take care of your packaging.

The food packaging we produce is designed to contain coffee, herbal teas, soluble products, dried fruit, beverages, frozen foods, confectionery products, bakery products, pasta, rice, legumes, sauces, condiments, dairy products, cured meats etc …
We produce films in single-layer or laminated reels that can be transparent, white, pearly, metallized or laminated with aluminum.
We produce various types of envelopes, including ones with riveted corners, with side welding, as well as our new model with cross-shaped bottom, doypack bags, wickets and thermal bags.
Our packaging, have characteristics such as to guarantee the integrity of the product that will be contained, as well as having a high processability.
The particular attention placed in the pre-press stage and the rigorous checks during the processing steps, guarantee our packaging a remarkable print quality at competitive prices.

Our products are designed to meet different market sectors. We produce packaging for pet food, napkins, kitchen towels, toilet paper, diapers, cotton wool, creams, shampoos, cosmetics, wipes, detergents, manure, fertilizers, biomasses, shipments, e-commerce, banks etc …
Our roll films are made to have a high resistance and processability, they can be single-layer, co extruded and polylaminated, transparent, white, pearly, metallized or laminated with aluminum.
We produce bags for shipping and security bags for the transport of values approved by the Poste Italiane.
We also produce bags with riveted corners, with lateral welding, as well as our new cross-stitch model, doypack bags, micro-perforated and embossed bags, wicket bags, bags with handles and string bags.
We guarantee highly workable products, without neglecting the quality of printing at competitive prices.

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